Hello from the Twin Cities Heartland dancing the 5 Rhythms

New Blog reaching out to all Heartbeat dancers worldwide and growing our community in the Heartland of the USA here in the Mid-West Twin Cities Minnesota, Madison Wisconsin and Chicago Illinois. Grateful that the Heartbeat practice and the 5 Rhythms … Continue reading

Upcoming Recipes

Salads can be incredibly filling!

There are ways to feed our sleep and waking life so we have stronger motion, stronger memory, stable blood sugars and more happiness happening on a celular level. You might know a few too and please do share.


  1. The 1000 calorie Salad
  2. Grace’s Power Balls
  3. Sprouted Snacks that I have to hunt down once I find Joan Breen Blanchard and her new healthy snacks her son has out on store shelves
  4. Food and their consciousness according to Holocromatic Life Sciences
  5. Raw Foods Cheesecake (non-dairy delight)

Staccato The Second Rhythm

Read “Sweat Your Prayers” and attend a 5 Rhythms night or weekend to understand this wonderful rhythm.

For those of us who have a handle on the Rhythms I hope to share all of our favorite “staccato” finds

For Starters:

Part 1.  Popular Staccato Music we’ve heard on the radio:

  • Boom Boom Pow   Artist  Black Eyed Peas

Part 2. Eclectic Staccato Music found through channels only open by chance or friends sharing their treasures:

  • Bring My Family Back (Paul Van Dyk Mix)     Artist   Faithless
  • Take California       Artist     Proplellerheads
  • Atlas Air       Artist     Massive Attack