Thank you for coming and please feel absolutely welcome to read on and dialogue, add to, embellish, improve, impart and dance with us and invite all your friends to come and share what sparks, flows, flies, strikes, lands, extends, inspires, drones, moans, yearns, demands… your expression is valued and invaluable.  This is our potential and likely outcome with a little nudge and vwalla… just like on the dance floor… let’s have this blogspot be a place to ground and create the continuum so precious already begun and already shaping in our dance and meeting on the floors we’ve visited here and across the country.

We are a healthy and vibrant community inviting new motion which leads to new thinking, new feeling and living an ignited life that results into and from authentic motion.

We do not dance by following static patterns, you come with your very unique motion moving already, ready to be moved again and to move old memories, move me, move you, inform readily.  I have found and incredible welcome and acceptance in our community and it blows me away how we are just oursleves and it all just happens.  I am in awe how we all come with respect in hand and ready to SHOW up.  It is not about a stage and not about a performance, we are about “sweating our prayers” and dancing our “heartbeat” that is evidence of you having a specific purpose and gift to discover and share while we discover ours personally and also collectively as we gather in the twin cities and travel and bring stories to each other.

The 5 Rhythms founder and further info can be found at http://www.5rhtyms.com as well as on a resource page soon coming on our HeartLand blog.



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