Hello from the Twin Cities Heartland dancing the 5 Rhythms

Ignition from Within

New Blog reaching out to all Heartbeat dancers worldwide and growing our community in the Heartland of the USA here in the Mid-West Twin Cities Minnesota, Madison Wisconsin and Chicago Illinois.

Grateful that the Heartbeat practice and the 5 Rhythms is taking root now in the Twin Cities so we don’t have to fly out to the coasts or drive for hours for the privilege.  After 10 years of our first taste of Heartbeat with Johnathan Horan in 2011 and 2012 we have been brewing with activity thanks to the Pink Lotus Movement Cafe.

We have a smorgasbord to share and to begin this blog I would like to offer an INVITATION!   Bring you, bring all of who you are to this place and interface, dialogue, brighten, point to, wetten, share, ignite!


We share a gift already and I invite you to both discover and share while moving with what is called “The 5 Rhythms” brought to us decades ago by an impeccable teacher Gabrielle Roth.  The 5 Rhythms are inherent in how the day moves along, how we wake up, eat breakfast, move through traffic, come home, eat dinner, relax, go to bed and start all over again.  More than this is of course the movement we make right now!  So much is happening and right now so much can be shared, discovered, expressed, received.

I invite you to share your dance, to come join us in the dance!   Impart and be imparted, learn and teach through motion… yourself and all the rest of us like dancing molecules informing each the other.

Gabrielle’s book titles will hint at what it is we are doing on the dance floor in our living room and in the studio: “Sweat Your Prayers” and “Maps to Ecstasy”  and isn’t it so?  This life, this is what we’re here for in great part!  Is it not?

So, Let’s Dance!  Let’s dance our inherent beat and give us something yearning and burgeoning in us to talk about.

This blog is here to dialogue about our motion and hope to find you here often with me helping each the other discover, realize, hear, see, think and feel new places and spaces in this mystery of living right now and ever, any time, blessed with loving dynamic fresh extension and expression here in our community blog 5 Rhythms Heartland.

Thank you for your motion, it is a dance, it is a prayer worth mentioning heart to heart.


2 thoughts on “Hello from the Twin Cities Heartland dancing the 5 Rhythms

    • Well, my prolific friend look at you! your fiction writing is wonderful and gives me insight on how you do it! Talk about a fire within! And thank you for visiting and being a Heartland Gal, Kate. Yet another reason to move back to the Twin Cities, yah!?

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